Sdr Ohjelmat


Twente yliopiston softaradio

Tätä radiota voi kuunnella 50 käyttäjää yhtäaikaa, kaikilla kuuntelijoilla on oma taajuutensa ,kaistaleveytensä,taajuusalueens, modulaationsa jne.
Lisäksi jokainen voi vielä käyttää omaa digitaaliradioohjelmaansa kuten vaikka PSK31:stä
Ihmeellinen asia !

Ei tarvitse rakentaa mitään, silti näyttää kuin sinulla olisi oma radio Hollannissa, josta kuuluu Keski-Eurooppa hyvin

Twente softa radio


Paras ensin, ilmainen ..
Rocky ohjelma SOftrock40

20 mB äänitedosto jolla voi harjoitella ilman radiota




USB ohjelma tuki versiossa 1.12
Power sdr ohjelma

XTALL USB zip USB/SI570 ohjausohjelma

[| USB ohjaus SI570 win]

DRM Dream

DRM on minulle uusi, mutta löysin Softrock keskustelusta ohjeita. Onko kommementteja?, OH3GDO.

DRM Dream This may be used with a Softrock to receive short wave DRM broadcasts. (installation file, default to C:\ and no shortcut is made.) IT HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION THAT THIS PROGRAM REQUIRES A SPECIAL SHORTCUT TO START IN SDR MODE. It appears to work when started normally but is NOT in SDR mode. I have not yet found up to date information so include this:-

When you install inst_dream.exe take note of where it installs, C:\Dream by default, you may wish to direct it to "C:\Program Files\Dream\" Opening the folder and double clicking "Dream.exe" starts it in normal mode, NOT SDR mode. This will work with an SDR but not well. The program needs to be started by a Command Line for SDR use. "Start - Run - Type in "C:\Program Files\Dream\dream" -c 3 OR "C:\Program Files\Dream\dream" -c 4 . This is if you have put it in "C:\Program Files". Include the "". The "3 or 4" cause the I/Q to be reversed, try each for best SNR. Compared with the non-SDR mode the correct I/Q setting will give +5db more SNR, the wrong I/Q gives-5db.

A Dream.bat file may be created containing the text. A .bat file is a text file but renamed with the .bat extension. A shortcut to this file may be made and placed on the Desktop or in the Start Menu. When the program is running View - Station Dialog.. opens a list of DRM stations. Update this and select a suitable frequency. Setting the Si570 centre frequency 10KHz below the signal frequency works, I do not know what is recommended but it does not seem critical. The SNR and waterfall etc may be observed by View - Evaluation Dialog.. can be good site for schedules and TX / reception info but is down at the moment.


mac DSP ohjelma
MAC Softrock40 ohjelma

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